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From Jim Bergquam's home page:
Our solar HVAC system has a 70 kW (20 ton), water-fired, double-effect absorption chiller with an array of 106 m2 (1,146 ft2) array of integrated compound parabolic concentrator (ICPC) solar collectors. The chiller and collector array are part of a complete solar HVAC system that provides air conditioning and space heating for a 743 m2 (8,000 ft2) commercial building in Sacramento, CA. The other components of the HVAC system are a high temperature storage tank, a cooling tower, a gas-fired back-up boiler and five 14 kW (4 ton) cooling/heating fan coil units.

Source & pictures: http://webpages.csus.edu/~sac74496/


Additional detail on the same installation as above:
A new Integrated Compound Parabolic Concentrator (ICPC) evacuated solar collector and a double effect chiller, modified for solar operation, have been demonstrated on the roof of an office building in Sacramento, California.
A McQuay 20 ton LiBr and water Double Effect chiller was modified for firing by solar hot water. The 106.5 m2 aperture area ICPC array, by Solar Energy International and funded by Sandia Labs, was arranged in three banks, all sloped at 15 degrees to optimize solar energy collection during the air-conditioning season. Both collector and chiller generator loops connect to a small storage.
Nearly 60 percent conversion efficiencies (aperture area basis) at 150C were attained day after day by the ICPC array. The chiller has been operating below full capacity, but has produced COPs above 1.1 for short periods.

Source: http://www.kenes.com/Ises.Abstracts/Htm/0266.htm


See also the more conventional (and sub-100C) single-effect water-fired chillers described elsewhere in the faq: (Xref) What LiBr absorption chillers are available? (Yazaki)
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