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The Enertia Building System makes the house itself a heat pump, using the natural energy of rising solar-heated air to extract and enhance the pool of geothermal energy just beneath the building's floor. The key is an air path, or "Envelope" just inside the structure's solid wood skin. It is a heat path on a sunny Winter day, a continuously recharging convection loop.
The envelope is a ventilation path on the hot Summer day and on the cooler Summer night, when it is open to the atmosphere.
The thermal mass inside the envelope and the resulting thermal lag leads to "Floating," where stored daytime energy cancels out night-time need. Floating can last for days, keeping the house comfortable during periods of little or no sun. Massive houses experience seasonal "Float" as well, and can coast a month or longer when lightweight houses need artificial heating or cooling.
Source: http://enertia.com/science.htm

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