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The Solar-AC discussion group, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/solar-ac, is about the science and practice of solar-driven cooling. This evolving FAQ is a place for us to write down answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

This FAQ is only about 10% complete at this point. Contributions are welcome!



(Category) Solar cooling examples
(Category) Solar cooling tutorials and design HOWTO's

(Category) Solar thermal collectors
(Category) Solar Electric 101
(Category) Novel processes for producing solar power and/or cooling

(Category) Minimizing the need for cooling
(Category) Compressor-driven cooling
(Category) Heat-driven cooling - absorption, desiccants, Vuilleumier
(Category) Evaporative cooling, humidity control
(Category) Heat sinks, heat exchangers, fans, pumps
(Category) Theory & thermodynamics corner, equations welcome

(Category) Just the numbers: constants, conversions, tables
(Category) Glossary

(Category) Comments and questions about this FAQ
(Category) Notice Board
(Answer) Guest Book


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